Mika Mulkey (he/him/his) is a proud Polynesian academic from the Island of Hawai’i. He is the youngest of four and the first in his family to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree.  He has dedicated many years of service to his community both in Hawai’i and Oregon as an educator and service provider to at-risk individuals and people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). While completing his graduate studies in Portland, Mika worked as HIV Services Program Mananger for Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon, overseeing the operations of the HIV Day Center, the country’s first drop-in center for low-income PLWHA; and Daily Bread Express (DBX), an in-home meal delivery service for homebound clients. Mika has since returned to Hawai’i, and is enjoying his time reconnecting with his ‘ohana (family) and ‘aina (land).  He hopes to go on more outdoor adventures, and is debating a career in local politics.

ALOHA: Adult Learning of Hawaiian Attributes is a spin-off from the original blog DrivenbyAloha created in 2014 and is a reaffirming attempt to reintroduce aloha, and Hawaiian culture to the world, while incorporating Hawaiian values into successful adult learning theory and practice. It was also inspired by both the recent lava activities of the Kīlauea volcano on Hawai’i Island; and the final comprehensive (COMPS) project submitted to faculty in the Educational Leadership & Policy Department of Portland State University Graduate School of Education, to fulfill the requirements for Master of Science. In the project, Mika proposed a Hawaiian-based intervention by the same name, ALOHA: Adult Learning of Hawaiian Attribues that combined Hawaiian values with Adult Learning Theory to help restore balance in the lives of adult learners, and promote diverse, inclusive, and indigenous practices into today’s teaching. The ALOHA course-design was made specifically for people that work in education, public policy, and social services; however, can be adapted to fit the needs of all adult learners worldwide.


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